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23 Mar

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s bracket season all over LA. Most everyone has got their picks in line for the NCAA March Madness showdown…But have you selected the finalists for the TACO MADNESS championship?

For the past several years now, L.A. Taco has bringing this battle to Mexican food fans all across SoCal. Top contenders (and Taste of Mexico buddies) Loteria and Yuca’s are in the mix, and so is FRIDA TACOS! We are thrilled to be part of this epic showdown and we’re certainly not stopping at the brackets.

On April 5, FRIDA TACOS will be participating in the live TACO MADNESS event at downtown’s Grand Park. Co-hosted by our Taste of Mexico amiga Bricia Lopez, this all-day eat-em-up is going to be amazing! You can sample delicious Mexican appetizers from us and a ton of local restaurants. And, you can enjoy live music and art! There will be DJ’s, murals, even a beer garden for those who like cerveza with their sopes.

Best of all, the entire event is ABSOLUTELY FREE! So make sure to join us at Grand Park on April 5. The fiesta kicks off at 12pm and will run until 7:30p. Come, eat and be part of the MADNESS!