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8 Dec

Is everyone excited about the December holidays? We sure are and have tons of exciting updates to share. In case you haven’t noticed, our FRIDA TACOS locations have gotten a lot more festive in recent weeks. Tinsel is flowing all across Melrose, Brentwood and the Westside Pavilion.


Over at the Country Mart, we’ve gotten tons of holiday shoppers looking for unique gifts and tasty Mexican food! We’ve also got the one-and-only Santa Claus making an appearance on December 14 and December 21! Make sure to drop by for pictures between 12p-2p and if you’re feeling extra generous, offer him a FRIDA TACO!


The Westside Pavilion has some fantastic decorations too (and plenty of sales for you last-minute shoppers). We’re having a ton of fun adding merriment to the food court and are extra excited about the mall’s Santa Paws Pet Night on December 16! Make sure to bring the entire fam…and a hearty tostada appetite.


And in good old Melrose, the holidays are getting a artsy twist. Ok, so the picture above might not be of the jolly elves, but at least it’s using the Christmas colors, right? All of you who enjoy getting your “party” on during winter break should definitely stop by the TACO shop. As always, we’ll be serving hot Mexican treats until midnight on Weds and Thurs and until 3am Saturdays and Sundays.


And if you want to bring the FRIDA TACOS experience home, make sure to reach out to our catering staff. They can cook up everything from the menu and feed massive holiday parties.

So enjoy the chills of December and have a happy, healthy holiday season!


Halloween FRIDA Style!

28 Oct

Que pasa FRIDA TACOS fans,

It’s hard to believe that we’re just a few short days from Halloween. In honor of one of the year’s most popular holidays, we thought it would be fun to shoot out a few festive ideas…FRIDA style, of course. Both our TACOS and Mexican Cuisine restaurants will be celebrating All Hallow’s Eve and we encourage you to fill up your trick-or-treat bags with taquitos, burritos and churro desserts!


Now for all you Melrose locals, we recommend participating in the legendary West Hollywood Carnival. Just minutes from our restaurant, it packs the streets with nearly 500,000 people, dressed in every type of costume imaginable. There will also be live concerts and shuttles (so you can avoid the parking issues on Santa Monica Blvd). FRIDA TACOS will be open until midnight on Halloween and we recommend coming in for a hearty “pre-party” meal (or if you need some late night food to recover).

On the Brentwood side of town, the Country Mart (which houses our FRIDA TAQUERIA shop) will be hosting a family-friendly event on October 30. Running from 3-6p, it will have ghost stories, candy giveaways and plenty of plump pumpkins for photo opps. Just like every year, it’s a great Halloween event that trick-or-treaters of all ages can enjoy.


If you happen to live near our Westside Pavilion location, there are also a ton of fun events planned right inside the mall. Nearly every store will be handing out candy from 5-7p on Halloween night, making it a fun and safe alternative to knocking on strangers’ doors. We’ll have plenty of treats cooked up in the food court too, including our famous FRIDA churros and flan!

And let’s not forget the day AFTER Halloween. Dia de los Muertos is a big tradition in Mexican culture and our FRIDA Westwood restaurant is already gearing up, with special sugar skull altars and cobweb decorations. That Friday of November 1, we’ll be welcoming in both Muertos partygoers and festive Halloween fans who want to keep the momentum going. And make sure to ask about our “Blood Red” Margaritas, before calling it a night!


So be safe and have fun this week. And don’t forget to stop by FRIDA TACOS for some special Halloween treats!

Fish Fridays At FRIDA TACOS!

29 Feb

Did everybody have a good Mardi Gras? Good because now we’re back to business as usual and repenting for all of the debauchery from the year gone by. Yes all you holy rollers, we’re talking to YOU!

In case you didn’t notice, we’re in the middle of Lent season right now, which means giving up a vice for 40 days and 40 nights. It also means every Friday for the next six weeks will be minus the meat! And that’s where FRIDA TACOS comes in.

For all you observers, we’re starting up FRIDA TACOS FISH FRIDAYS. Come on down for delicious fish tacos, seafood burritos, or just a good old fashioned cheese enchilada.

And you don’t have to worry about any bland flavors. Our “Catch of the Day” meals are piping fresh, doused in lemon, and blended with the slightest bit of chipotle sauce (FRIDA’s secret recipe).

Sound like a killer way to spend an end-of-the-week lunch break? We thought so. Even if it’s not your tradition, give it a try anyway. Your taste buds will thank you!

Holiday Catering from FRIDA TACOS!

28 Nov

Yes it’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is “officially” here. And you know what that means…crowded shopping malls, giant reindeer on your neighbor’s lawn, and those warm and fuzzy end-of-the-year parties.

Keeping all that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to remind you about FRIDA TACOS secret specialty. Oh yea, we’re talking about fiesta catering! Did you know that FRIDA CATERING is an entire entity unto itself? We can cover a massive company party, a simple birthday bash, and everything in between. And as the December days draw closer, we can DEFINITELY make sure your halls are decked with the aroma of Mexican cuisine!

FRIDA CATERING can do everything from a self-serve buffet, to a yummy outdoor taco bar, to bringing an entire kitchen staff to your designated location! We can even coordinate a delivery service if you’d prefer to have your own peeps handle setting up the meals.

Just imagine it…while everyone else is sipping egg nog and munching on stale gingerbread cookies, you and your friends could be indulging in hot chicken tacos, asada tortas, and a delicious array of FRIDA TACOS salsas and guacamole! Trust us, even Santa Claus himself will be craving our horchata and churros before he climbs back up that chimney pipe.

So, as you plan that next big holiday fiesta, plan on including FRIDA TACOS’ top notch catering team!

Happy Holidays!