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Join FRIDA TACOS At TASTE OF MEXICO 2014 This September!

3 Aug

Hola friends,

We hope you’ve been enjoying hot tacos and cool horchatas during these warm days of summer. Believe it or not, Fall is right around the corner and we’ve got a great way to usher in the flavors of the season. On September 27, FRIDA TACOS will be participating in the 4th Annual TASTE OF MEXICO event, bringing our signature menu items to LA’s Plaza De Culturas Y Artes.


Last year we hosted TOM at the Plaza for the very first time and it turned into an amazing night. We were joined by celebrated stars (nice picture, Vincente!)


…political leaders like Mexican Ambassador Eduardo Medina-Mora.


…and of course, some of the most amazing chefs in Southern California.


This year promises to be EVEN BETTER, with partners like El Condor, Tortas Bravas and Mexicali Tacos (just to name a few). And lets not forget the founding members, like La Casita Mexicana, Guelaguetza and La Monarca Bakery.


Everything from seafood, to cervezas, to sweets will be on hand. Plus, you can catch up with our founder, Vicente Del Rio, and learn about FRIDA’s tasty new recipes!


There are also brand new ticket packages for longtime TOM fans. This year you can enjoy a Farmer’s Market Picnic Brunch during the afternoon, featuring food demos and live music performances. There is also an added VIP Pass, which allows for early admission and special gifts from our partners.

Tickets for the event are available right now on the TASTE OF MEXICO website. Make sure you’ve got a pair in your pocket on September 27!


FRIDA TACOS Pasadena Has Arrived!

9 Jul

Hello friends!

We hope everyone is enjoying another beautiful California summer. This has actually been an incredibly busy season for FRIDA TACOS, as we have now opened our new Pasadena location!


Within the last month, we’ve seen a fantastic turnout for our new shop. Eastside foodies have dropped in for cold cervezas, World Cup viewings and our signature menu of delicious Mexican cuisine!


If you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, we’d love to fill you in on some of this restaurant’s unique details. For starters, FRIDA TACOS Pasadena is open more hours any of our other shops! Sunday-Thursday we’re serving tacos until midnight and on weekends, we keep the lights on until 3am! (Just like FRIDA Melrose)

photo 2-3

Our new location also has a stocked fridge of Modelos, Coronas and XX’s with happy hour prices in the afternoon!

photo 1-6

And let’s not forget about the amazing artistry. Designer Jose Antonio Gonzalez has done an amazing job colorizing our walls with icons, lucha warriors and even a few hidden surprises.


But of course, what we’re most proud of is the delicious food we’re cooking fresh in the kitchen. Just like all of our restaurants, we’ve got full breakfast menus, salads, soups, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, nachos, sopes and of course, those world famous TACOS! 😉


We’ve also got great Happy Hour discounts every day from 2p-6pm. So come by 36 W. Colorado Blvd and experience some of the best food the Eastside has to offer!

FRIDA TACOS Is Now Open At The Westside Pavilion!

14 Dec

Have you noticed a lot more cars in the Westside Pavilion parking lot lately? Believe it or not, they’re not there to do their Christmas shopping, they’re there to munch down on FRIDA TACOS! That’s right, we have now officially opened our third restaurant and we’ve got hot plates waiting for you at the WP food court.


FRIDA TACOS fans have known about our expansion plans for quite a while now. Earlier in the year, we began conceptualizing what would be FT #3 and we’ve been filling in our Facebook & Twitter followers throughout the entire process. Using the amazing talents of Jose Antonio Gonzalez Architects, we re-imagined FRIDA TACOS‘ original style in a unique shopping mall setting.

jose a

Everyone from La Doña to the Lucha Warriors are making an appearance at our new Westside spot and hardcore fans can spot plenty of Easter Eggs in our signage throughout the mall. But the most important thing we’ve replicated are the delicious menus from our two FRIDA TACOS locations.


All of the Burritos, Tortas and Tostada Salads you love are in full-effect and prepared with the same TLC you can always expect from a FRIDA TACOS shop. So drop on by our new location at 10830 West Pico Boulevard for yummy TACO treats seven days a week (and bring a friend while you’re at it)!

Funday Mondays At FRIDA TACOS!

16 Jul

Hola FRIDA fans! It’s been a while since we’ve “blogged it up” and boy do we have some fun updates to share. For all of you who dread the start of the work week, here’s some very good news. From now until the end of the summer, FRIDA TACOS is kicking off Funday Mondays at both our Brentwood and Melrose locations.

All summer long, FRIDA TACOS Brentwood will be participating in the Country Mart’s Monday Movie Night. That’s right, with every new week comes a new film shown right in the South Courtyard. And as you already know, our TAQUERIA selections make a great substitute for run-of-the-mill popcorn. Plus every flick is family-friendly, with Pixar faves like Up, Cars and Ratatouille rounding out the month of July. Come by at 6pm sharp and bring your appetite.

Over on the Melrose side of town, things are definitely hopping too. FT social media fans may remember how we gave away FREE Monday Burritos a few weeks back. Oh yes, the way it worked was via Twitter Direct Message. You Follow us and we send you a “secret password.” Whisper it back to the Melrose cashier and voila! A fully-loaded FREE Monday burrito arrives with your name on it.

And if you happened to miss that promotion, don’t worry. We are already planning an even BETTER one before the summer’s up. Just make sure to keep up with the Tweets and don’t forget to tell your friends.

See…Who says Mondays have to be a drag? At FRIDA TACOS, we prefer kicking off the week with delicious food, outdoor entertainment and promotions that’ll keep your wallet phat. Thanks for all the continued support and keep Following FT!

Thank You For An Awesome Year!

2 Jan

Believe it or not, 2011 is now officially over! And before we get into all of the great stuff that FRIDA TACOS has in store for the coming year (and trust us, there’s A LOT of great stuff), we thought it would be nice to reflect a bit on all of the fantastic support we’ve received within the past 12 months.

Back in January, we were still a very new franchise. Our Melrose location had opened up just a few months prior and thanks to local support (and some great word-of-mouth), buzz began growing quick. The Melrose Village Blog wrote us up a great review that month and soon several other foodies took notice.

Raging Taste Buds helped spread the word about our discount Happy Hours (which are still in FULL EFFECT from 2-6pm), the Taco Maven gave us a nice salsa shout out, and just this past week, LA Beat delved deep into our Conchinita Pibil.

But beyond all the critics and foodies, our main concern is keeping our everyday fans happy. And thanks to our Facebook and Twitter pages, we’ve been getting fantastic responses on a daily basis. @SeanMooMan, we love your late night rants! @PartyOnBro, you offered some great input about our Brentwood location. And @CandyGyrl8, thanks for making us your lunch break hotspot.

You guys are the heart and soul of FRIDA TACOS and we can’t wait to hear more of your great feedback (and funny FRIDA-isms) in 2012.

And all you celebrities at the Country Mart, you’re welcome to Tweet us too (wink, wink).

Have a safe and happy New Year!


You Never Know Who You’ll Spot At FRIDA TACOS

12 Dec

Let’s be honest, it’s always fun to spot a famous face in L.A. Not that we want to bother them, it’s just great to have a “celebrity sighting” story to share with your friends.

And believe it or not, FRIDA TACOS has become quite a star haven in the past few months. Photographers from your favorite gossip mags definitely keep their lenses in our direction. Just this past week, Chris Brown was seen strolling the FT Melrose neighborhood. And before that, paparazzi cams caught A-Listers like Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon near our place at the Country Mart!

The point is, stargazing is a great Added Bonus for anyone who loves munching down on our yummy FRIDA TACOS. Not only do you get to enjoy a tasty meal, you may leave with a fun story to post on your Facebook page.

And, for the record, we can actually guarantee a certain famous figure will be hanging at our Brentwood location this coming Saturday. No spoilers here…Let’s just say he’s got a red wardrobe and a big, fluffy white beard.

Drop on by and don’t forget your autograph book!

Holiday Catering from FRIDA TACOS!

28 Nov

Yes it’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is “officially” here. And you know what that means…crowded shopping malls, giant reindeer on your neighbor’s lawn, and those warm and fuzzy end-of-the-year parties.

Keeping all that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to remind you about FRIDA TACOS secret specialty. Oh yea, we’re talking about fiesta catering! Did you know that FRIDA CATERING is an entire entity unto itself? We can cover a massive company party, a simple birthday bash, and everything in between. And as the December days draw closer, we can DEFINITELY make sure your halls are decked with the aroma of Mexican cuisine!

FRIDA CATERING can do everything from a self-serve buffet, to a yummy outdoor taco bar, to bringing an entire kitchen staff to your designated location! We can even coordinate a delivery service if you’d prefer to have your own peeps handle setting up the meals.

Just imagine it…while everyone else is sipping egg nog and munching on stale gingerbread cookies, you and your friends could be indulging in hot chicken tacos, asada tortas, and a delicious array of FRIDA TACOS salsas and guacamole! Trust us, even Santa Claus himself will be craving our horchata and churros before he climbs back up that chimney pipe.

So, as you plan that next big holiday fiesta, plan on including FRIDA TACOS’ top notch catering team!

Happy Holidays!