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Halloween FRIDA Style!

28 Oct

Que pasa FRIDA TACOS fans,

It’s hard to believe that we’re just a few short days from Halloween. In honor of one of the year’s most popular holidays, we thought it would be fun to shoot out a few festive ideas…FRIDA style, of course. Both our TACOS and Mexican Cuisine restaurants will be celebrating All Hallow’s Eve and we encourage you to fill up your trick-or-treat bags with taquitos, burritos and churro desserts!


Now for all you Melrose locals, we recommend participating in the legendary West Hollywood Carnival. Just minutes from our restaurant, it packs the streets with nearly 500,000 people, dressed in every type of costume imaginable. There will also be live concerts and shuttles (so you can avoid the parking issues on Santa Monica Blvd). FRIDA TACOS will be open until midnight on Halloween and we recommend coming in for a hearty “pre-party” meal (or if you need some late night food to recover).

On the Brentwood side of town, the Country Mart (which houses our FRIDA TAQUERIA shop) will be hosting a family-friendly event on October 30. Running from 3-6p, it will have ghost stories, candy giveaways and plenty of plump pumpkins for photo opps. Just like every year, it’s a great Halloween event that trick-or-treaters of all ages can enjoy.


If you happen to live near our Westside Pavilion location, there are also a ton of fun events planned right inside the mall. Nearly every store will be handing out candy from 5-7p on Halloween night, making it a fun and safe alternative to knocking on strangers’ doors. We’ll have plenty of treats cooked up in the food court too, including our famous FRIDA churros and flan!

And let’s not forget the day AFTER Halloween. Dia de los Muertos is a big tradition in Mexican culture and our FRIDA Westwood restaurant is already gearing up, with special sugar skull altars and cobweb decorations. That Friday of November 1, we’ll be welcoming in both Muertos partygoers and festive Halloween fans who want to keep the momentum going. And make sure to ask about our “Blood Red” Margaritas, before calling it a night!


So be safe and have fun this week. And don’t forget to stop by FRIDA TACOS for some special Halloween treats!


Spice Up Your Valentine’s At FRIDA TACOS

13 Feb

There’s a reason we use bright pink colors when we promote FRIDA TACOS. It’s because deep down we’re more than just a yummy Mexican restaurant, we’re hopeless romantics who love serving TACOS for two. Notice the dreamy La Doña pictures at our Melrose location? Or our convenient closeness to Botany Flowers at the Brentwood Country Mart? It’s no coincidence…and it’s a great reason to head to FRIDA TACOS on Valentine’s Day.

The real beauty of FRIDA TACOS is that you can have it both ways. On one hand, you can drop by our Melrose shop and enjoy a casual romantic meal that won’t break the budget (believe us, we know this economy’s ROUGH). And you won’t have to worry about us being booked up with reservations. We welcome everyone at all times and WE WON’T rush you out of your seats to make room for the next couple.

The other way to do it, is to take FRIDA TACOS on the go. That’s right, if you’re planning rose petals on the floor of your place, scented candles, and bubble baths, why not have a table full of Tamales and Sopes to go with it? You could even be creative and cut out our signature Flan in the shape of a heart.

FRIDA TACOS also makes great “eat-in-front-of-the-TV-food” which means if you’re planning to pop The Notebook into the DVD player Tuesday night, you’ll have some tasty accompaniments to go with it.

The point is, you really can’t go wrong with some delicious Mexican delicacies on V-Day. Italian, sushi, and French bistros are so 2011, right? This is the year to be unconventional and to celebrate spicy goodness with the one you love.

That’s Amor! (If you ask us)

You Never Know Who You’ll Spot At FRIDA TACOS

12 Dec

Let’s be honest, it’s always fun to spot a famous face in L.A. Not that we want to bother them, it’s just great to have a “celebrity sighting” story to share with your friends.

And believe it or not, FRIDA TACOS has become quite a star haven in the past few months. Photographers from your favorite gossip mags definitely keep their lenses in our direction. Just this past week, Chris Brown was seen strolling the FT Melrose neighborhood. And before that, paparazzi cams caught A-Listers like Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon near our place at the Country Mart!

The point is, stargazing is a great Added Bonus for anyone who loves munching down on our yummy FRIDA TACOS. Not only do you get to enjoy a tasty meal, you may leave with a fun story to post on your Facebook page.

And, for the record, we can actually guarantee a certain famous figure will be hanging at our Brentwood location this coming Saturday. No spoilers here…Let’s just say he’s got a red wardrobe and a big, fluffy white beard.

Drop on by and don’t forget your autograph book!

Back To School Brentwood Tacos!

29 Aug

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day and the whole “Back To School” push is already here. We for one, had an incredible summer full of new menu items, sunny days, and (at our Melrose location) some wild Late Nights! But before all that winds down, we thought it would fun to invite all of our FRIDA Tacos fans to one more gorgeous meal at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Located right off that famous “jogging path” on San Vicente Blvd, the Country Mart is a great place to enjoy a weekend, a lunch break, or a day of playing hookey (wink, wink). Outside of FRIDA Tacos, there’s the classic Mart Barber Shop, the very unique Diesel Booktstore, and that family-friendly Petting Zoo every Sunday.

Yes, you can continue to enjoy all this stuff way into the Fall, but why wait? We’ve got one great three-day weekend of summer left and we’d love to see you work out your seasonal tan underneath the clear blue skies of FRIDA Tacos Brentwood!