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8 Dec

Is everyone excited about the December holidays? We sure are and have tons of exciting updates to share. In case you haven’t noticed, our FRIDA TACOS locations have gotten a lot more festive in recent weeks. Tinsel is flowing all across Melrose, Brentwood and the Westside Pavilion.


Over at the Country Mart, we’ve gotten tons of holiday shoppers looking for unique gifts and tasty Mexican food! We’ve also got the one-and-only Santa Claus making an appearance on December 14 and December 21! Make sure to drop by for pictures between 12p-2p and if you’re feeling extra generous, offer him a FRIDA TACO!


The Westside Pavilion has some fantastic decorations too (and plenty of sales for you last-minute shoppers). We’re having a ton of fun adding merriment to the food court and are extra excited about the mall’s Santa Paws Pet Night on December 16! Make sure to bring the entire fam…and a hearty tostada appetite.


And in good old Melrose, the holidays are getting a artsy twist. Ok, so the picture above might not be of the jolly elves, but at least it’s using the Christmas colors, right? All of you who enjoy getting your “party” on during winter break should definitely stop by the TACO shop. As always, we’ll be serving hot Mexican treats until midnight on Weds and Thurs and until 3am Saturdays and Sundays.


And if you want to bring the FRIDA TACOS experience home, make sure to reach out to our catering staff. They can cook up everything from the menu and feed massive holiday parties.

So enjoy the chills of December and have a happy, healthy holiday season!


Fashion Night Out At The Country Mart!

30 Aug

Feeling down that summer’s coming to an end? Us too, but to help cope with the shorter days and back-to-school traffic, the Brentwood Country Mart is kicking off a FASHION NIGHT OUT! And you can bet we’ll be there, suited up and ready to hand out delicious TACOS.

Taking place September 6 from 5-8pm, the Mart’s FNO has a ton of fun activities in store. There are great raffle prizes (featuring goodies from nearly all of the “Country” shops), designer clothes on display and even a performance by the rockabilly/country hybrid The Americans. And with daylight savings not yet taking effect, it’ll still be sunny and bright as we dance along the courtyard.

But what fun is a FASHION NIGHT OUT without food right? Well that’s where we come in. FRIDA TACOS will be serving up hot plates of your favorite Mexican dishes (and with some Monday Burrito specials to boot). Just remember to keep a few napkins handy, because the last thing we want to see is a salsa drop on your new FNO wardrobe.

So clear the schedule, dress to impress and join us for a wild fashion hootenanny Monday September 6 at the Country Mart!

Funday Mondays At FRIDA TACOS!

16 Jul

Hola FRIDA fans! It’s been a while since we’ve “blogged it up” and boy do we have some fun updates to share. For all of you who dread the start of the work week, here’s some very good news. From now until the end of the summer, FRIDA TACOS is kicking off Funday Mondays at both our Brentwood and Melrose locations.

All summer long, FRIDA TACOS Brentwood will be participating in the Country Mart’s Monday Movie Night. That’s right, with every new week comes a new film shown right in the South Courtyard. And as you already know, our TAQUERIA selections make a great substitute for run-of-the-mill popcorn. Plus every flick is family-friendly, with Pixar faves like Up, Cars and Ratatouille rounding out the month of July. Come by at 6pm sharp and bring your appetite.

Over on the Melrose side of town, things are definitely hopping too. FT social media fans may remember how we gave away FREE Monday Burritos a few weeks back. Oh yes, the way it worked was via Twitter Direct Message. You Follow us and we send you a “secret password.” Whisper it back to the Melrose cashier and voila! A fully-loaded FREE Monday burrito arrives with your name on it.

And if you happened to miss that promotion, don’t worry. We are already planning an even BETTER one before the summer’s up. Just make sure to keep up with the Tweets and don’t forget to tell your friends.

See…Who says Mondays have to be a drag? At FRIDA TACOS, we prefer kicking off the week with delicious food, outdoor entertainment and promotions that’ll keep your wallet phat. Thanks for all the continued support and keep Following FT!

You Never Know Who You’ll Spot At FRIDA TACOS

12 Dec

Let’s be honest, it’s always fun to spot a famous face in L.A. Not that we want to bother them, it’s just great to have a “celebrity sighting” story to share with your friends.

And believe it or not, FRIDA TACOS has become quite a star haven in the past few months. Photographers from your favorite gossip mags definitely keep their lenses in our direction. Just this past week, Chris Brown was seen strolling the FT Melrose neighborhood. And before that, paparazzi cams caught A-Listers like Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon near our place at the Country Mart!

The point is, stargazing is a great Added Bonus for anyone who loves munching down on our yummy FRIDA TACOS. Not only do you get to enjoy a tasty meal, you may leave with a fun story to post on your Facebook page.

And, for the record, we can actually guarantee a certain famous figure will be hanging at our Brentwood location this coming Saturday. No spoilers here…Let’s just say he’s got a red wardrobe and a big, fluffy white beard.

Drop on by and don’t forget your autograph book!

FRIDA TACOS’ Fashion Night Out!

12 Sep

Yes we know we talk about food a lot on this blog, but (in case you haven’t noticed) FRIDA TACOS is also heavily influenced by art and fashion. Just look at the paintings on our Melrose wall and you’ll see what we mean. There’s Maria Felix imagery, a smiling Pedro Infante, and some very stylish luchadores masks.

That’s why we were more than happy to accommodate this week’s Fashion’s Night Out. A resounding success across all of So Cal, it brought out big stars, runway models, and tons of trendy fashionistas hungry for TACOS!

Over at our Melrose location, the streets were packed with shoe fanatics looking to get autographs from Canadian designer Jerome Rousseau. And because we love celebrating local events, we made sure to “doll up” our Nachos and Enchiladas plates with plenty of stylish colors (look at this picture and see what we mean).

On the Brentwood side of things, FNO caused quite a commotion because designer Heidi Merrick happened to make an appearance at the Country Mart! San Vicente was literally packed with well-dressed people sipping FRIDA horchatas and admiring UK fashion exhibits.

Of course, as you know, the beauty of FRIDA TACOS is its very casual ambiance. We welcome you in a glammed up gown or in a regular t-shirt and jeans. Just come on in, grab a menu, and enjoy. But make sure you bring extra napkins if you’re ordering the salsa-heavy combo plate!

Back To School Brentwood Tacos!

29 Aug

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day and the whole “Back To School” push is already here. We for one, had an incredible summer full of new menu items, sunny days, and (at our Melrose location) some wild Late Nights! But before all that winds down, we thought it would fun to invite all of our FRIDA Tacos fans to one more gorgeous meal at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Located right off that famous “jogging path” on San Vicente Blvd, the Country Mart is a great place to enjoy a weekend, a lunch break, or a day of playing hookey (wink, wink). Outside of FRIDA Tacos, there’s the classic Mart Barber Shop, the very unique Diesel Booktstore, and that family-friendly Petting Zoo every Sunday.

Yes, you can continue to enjoy all this stuff way into the Fall, but why wait? We’ve got one great three-day weekend of summer left and we’d love to see you work out your seasonal tan underneath the clear blue skies of FRIDA Tacos Brentwood!