The New FRIDA TACOS Site Is Almost Here!

25 Aug

Big news FRIDA TACOS fans,

We are currently in the process of revamping our restaurant website. Now you can learn all about the history of FRIDA TACOS (and our fearless leader Vicente Del Rio), as well as get firsthand glimpses of our brand new menu items!

In case you’re curious, FT now proudly serves both Breakfast Burritos and Chilaquiles until 2pm. We’ve also got new combination platters, tasty FRIDA desserts and a whole new batch of special Torta selections.

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 8.06.56 PM

Fans can also easily link to our takeout partners, LA Bite and Restaurants On The Run. That way, you can have our piping hot plates delivered right to your door! And don’t forget, our Melrose shop is open until 3am on weekends (for those with late night hunger cravings).

The new site also has Google Maps to each FRIDA TACO location and all of the hours, phone numbers and contacts you will ever need. Plus, there’s a new Catering section that breaks down every detail for those who want to host a FRIDA party at home!

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 8.06.05 PM

We look forward to getting your feedback and making your FRIDA TACOS experience even more memorable. Thanks for all of your continued support and remember, if you ever have feedback, questions or comments, drop us a Tweet or a Facebook post!


FRIDA TACOS Is Now Open At The Westside Pavilion!

14 Dec

Have you noticed a lot more cars in the Westside Pavilion parking lot lately? Believe it or not, they’re not there to do their Christmas shopping, they’re there to munch down on FRIDA TACOS! That’s right, we have now officially opened our third restaurant and we’ve got hot plates waiting for you at the WP food court.


FRIDA TACOS fans have known about our expansion plans for quite a while now. Earlier in the year, we began conceptualizing what would be FT #3 and we’ve been filling in our Facebook & Twitter followers throughout the entire process. Using the amazing talents of Jose Antonio Gonzalez Architects, we re-imagined FRIDA TACOS‘ original style in a unique shopping mall setting.

jose a

Everyone from La Doña to the Lucha Warriors are making an appearance at our new Westside spot and hardcore fans can spot plenty of Easter Eggs in our signage throughout the mall. But the most important thing we’ve replicated are the delicious menus from our two FRIDA TACOS locations.


All of the Burritos, Tortas and Tostada Salads you love are in full-effect and prepared with the same TLC you can always expect from a FRIDA TACOS shop. So drop on by our new location at 10830 West Pico Boulevard for yummy TACO treats seven days a week (and bring a friend while you’re at it)!

Fashion Night Out At The Country Mart!

30 Aug

Feeling down that summer’s coming to an end? Us too, but to help cope with the shorter days and back-to-school traffic, the Brentwood Country Mart is kicking off a FASHION NIGHT OUT! And you can bet we’ll be there, suited up and ready to hand out delicious TACOS.

Taking place September 6 from 5-8pm, the Mart’s FNO has a ton of fun activities in store. There are great raffle prizes (featuring goodies from nearly all of the “Country” shops), designer clothes on display and even a performance by the rockabilly/country hybrid The Americans. And with daylight savings not yet taking effect, it’ll still be sunny and bright as we dance along the courtyard.

But what fun is a FASHION NIGHT OUT without food right? Well that’s where we come in. FRIDA TACOS will be serving up hot plates of your favorite Mexican dishes (and with some Monday Burrito specials to boot). Just remember to keep a few napkins handy, because the last thing we want to see is a salsa drop on your new FNO wardrobe.

So clear the schedule, dress to impress and join us for a wild fashion hootenanny Monday September 6 at the Country Mart!

Funday Mondays At FRIDA TACOS!

16 Jul

Hola FRIDA fans! It’s been a while since we’ve “blogged it up” and boy do we have some fun updates to share. For all of you who dread the start of the work week, here’s some very good news. From now until the end of the summer, FRIDA TACOS is kicking off Funday Mondays at both our Brentwood and Melrose locations.

All summer long, FRIDA TACOS Brentwood will be participating in the Country Mart’s Monday Movie Night. That’s right, with every new week comes a new film shown right in the South Courtyard. And as you already know, our TAQUERIA selections make a great substitute for run-of-the-mill popcorn. Plus every flick is family-friendly, with Pixar faves like Up, Cars and Ratatouille rounding out the month of July. Come by at 6pm sharp and bring your appetite.

Over on the Melrose side of town, things are definitely hopping too. FT social media fans may remember how we gave away FREE Monday Burritos a few weeks back. Oh yes, the way it worked was via Twitter Direct Message. You Follow us and we send you a “secret password.” Whisper it back to the Melrose cashier and voila! A fully-loaded FREE Monday burrito arrives with your name on it.

And if you happened to miss that promotion, don’t worry. We are already planning an even BETTER one before the summer’s up. Just make sure to keep up with the Tweets and don’t forget to tell your friends.

See…Who says Mondays have to be a drag? At FRIDA TACOS, we prefer kicking off the week with delicious food, outdoor entertainment and promotions that’ll keep your wallet phat. Thanks for all the continued support and keep Following FT!

FRIDA Partners With UNAM-LA For Important Political Summit

18 Jun

In case you were unaware, Obama and Romney aren’t the only notable politicians running in 2012. This year also marks a very important election in Mexico. And no matter who you pledge your support to (right now there are four candidates), it’s always important to stay educated. That’s why we’re proud to partner with UNAM-LA as co-sponsors for a series of important discussions.

Taking place at the Mexican General Consulate in downtown L.A., the Mexico 2012 Electoral Observatory features an amazing array of speakers delivering their take on voting trends, the electoral process and the future of Mexico. So far, noted scholars like Lorenzo Cordoba Vianello and Francisco Guerrero Aguirre have lent their opinions and there are many more notables to come.

Today (June 18), Francisco Abundis Luna and Jorge Buendia Laredo will be holding an in-depth analysis of the country’s voting trends. Their lecture will begin at 6pm and promises to make for a VERY informative evening.

On August 10, Leonardo Curzio and Ciro Murayama will discuss the outcome of the election and open the floor to political discussions. A similar presidential recap will take place on September 28, with speakers Constancio Carrasco Daza, Salvador Nava Gomar and Manuel Gonzalez Oropeza.

These are all dates that we highly recommend adding to your calendars or you can print out the flyer we’ve attached to the blog. Admission to the UNAM events are completely free and, as co-sponsors, you can bet we’ll providing plenty of FRIDA appetizers and refreshments.

We’d love to see you there!

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At FRIDA TACOS!

30 Apr

How awesome is it that Cinco De Mayo 2012 falls on a Saturday?! Too many times, our tequila drinking dreams are squashed by the responsibilities of having to wake up early for school or work the next morning. Not this year, says FRIDA TACOS! And we’ll be keeping the party going until 3am!

Granted, we’re not the full-fledged cantina that’ll shoving Cuervo shots down your throat. But the truth is…We’re actually something better! Think of FRIDA TACOS as your Cinco sober-up spot.

Go ahead, have fun at the bars and mingle with your friends. But when that last call happens at 1:30am and you need some hangover prevention…you know where to go. We’re an easy taxi ride from anywhere in the city and we’ll be serving delicious Mexican food until the wee hours of the morning.

Of course, if you’d prefer to settle in for a Cinco house party, FRIDA TACOS has you covered too. We can whip up massive batches of comida to cater your fiesta (and at affordable prices too).

So make a date with FRIDA TACOS this Cinco Saturday, be it for lunch, dinner, or an after midnight snack!


9 Apr

Believe it or not, FRIDA TACOS does a lot of business in the a.m. Of course there’s the after-midnight crowd who love to much on our Mexican treats at 2 in the morning. But there are also the FRIDA early risers, who’ve been able to take advantage of our tasty breakfast menu!

For those of you who were unaware, FRIDA TACOS has quite a few Buenos Dias delicacies. If you happen to make it into our Melrose shop between 11am-2pm, you can indulge in our delicioso Breakfast Burrito! Now we can throw in any ingredients you like, but if you want it FRIDA style, you’ll get a helping of scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, sour cream, tomatoes and guacamole! It’s all stuffed tight in a warm flour tortilla than can easily be doused in hot salsa.

And the FRIDA desayuno doesn’t stop there! Our Breakfast Chilaquiles are a helluva lot yummier than any McMuffins you may want to wrap your mouth around. Made with crispy corn tortillas, shredded chicken, queso fresco and eggs, they come smothered in your choice of red or green sauce!

Our staff can get very creative with the breakfast concoctions too. If you want huevos in a taco, bacon sopes or just egg whites and salsa to keep things healthy, let us know and we’ll accommodate! We’ll also make sure you have some Agua de Tamarindo to wash everything down.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day…So why not wake up your stomach with a hearty helping of FRIDA TACOS? Set your alarms for 11am and come on in!