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March Madness FRIDA TACOS Style!

12 Mar

Got your brackets ready? NCAA March Madness is now in full effect and FRIDA TACOS wants to help you get your “munch” on during the season’s hottest games. First up, let’s recap a few of our favorite teams in the competition.

New Mexico and New Mexico State both have a keyword that we love. C’mon, how could we not support teams with “Mexico” in the title? Especially since we specialize in preparing succulent Mexican cuisine! Long Beach State is a biggie for us too, just because it’s So Cal and we’ve seen tons of gold and black sweatshirts passing through our Melrose shop. UNLV is in our bracket list too, partially because FRIDA TACOS make great accompaniments on a Vegas road trip.

And though we’re strictly L.A., we’ve got a lot of love for Cal and San Diego State as well. We’ve had students from both schools gobble up FRIDA TACOS while passing through the Country Mart and we’ll be backing them up the whole way through!

But March Madness season extends much further than basketball. It gives us the opportunity to fill in fun little brackets and trash talk with our friends. So we thought…Why not continue the tradition with the FRIDA TACOS menu?

Oh yes, we’ve decided to create our own special FRIDA TACOS MADNESS brackets, where items like the Pollo Burrito can go head-to-head with Vegetarian Sopes! Download a form HERE and keep checking our Twitter and Facebook updates to see who takes down the FT top prize!

Right now our money’s on the Nachos Platter!