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Fish Fridays At FRIDA TACOS!

29 Feb

Did everybody have a good Mardi Gras? Good because now we’re back to business as usual and repenting for all of the debauchery from the year gone by. Yes all you holy rollers, we’re talking to YOU!

In case you didn’t notice, we’re in the middle of Lent season right now, which means giving up a vice for 40 days and 40 nights. It also means every Friday for the next six weeks will be minus the meat! And that’s where FRIDA TACOS comes in.

For all you observers, we’re starting up FRIDA TACOS FISH FRIDAYS. Come on down for delicious fish tacos, seafood burritos, or just a good old fashioned cheese enchilada.

And you don’t have to worry about any bland flavors. Our “Catch of the Day” meals are piping fresh, doused in lemon, and blended with the slightest bit of chipotle sauce (FRIDA’s secret recipe).

Sound like a killer way to spend an end-of-the-week lunch break? We thought so. Even if it’s not your tradition, give it a try anyway. Your taste buds will thank you!


Spice Up Your Valentine’s At FRIDA TACOS

13 Feb

There’s a reason we use bright pink colors when we promote FRIDA TACOS. It’s because deep down we’re more than just a yummy Mexican restaurant, we’re hopeless romantics who love serving TACOS for two. Notice the dreamy La Doña pictures at our Melrose location? Or our convenient closeness to Botany Flowers at the Brentwood Country Mart? It’s no coincidence…and it’s a great reason to head to FRIDA TACOS on Valentine’s Day.

The real beauty of FRIDA TACOS is that you can have it both ways. On one hand, you can drop by our Melrose shop and enjoy a casual romantic meal that won’t break the budget (believe us, we know this economy’s ROUGH). And you won’t have to worry about us being booked up with reservations. We welcome everyone at all times and WE WON’T rush you out of your seats to make room for the next couple.

The other way to do it, is to take FRIDA TACOS on the go. That’s right, if you’re planning rose petals on the floor of your place, scented candles, and bubble baths, why not have a table full of Tamales and Sopes to go with it? You could even be creative and cut out our signature Flan in the shape of a heart.

FRIDA TACOS also makes great “eat-in-front-of-the-TV-food” which means if you’re planning to pop The Notebook into the DVD player Tuesday night, you’ll have some tasty accompaniments to go with it.

The point is, you really can’t go wrong with some delicious Mexican delicacies on V-Day. Italian, sushi, and French bistros are so 2011, right? This is the year to be unconventional and to celebrate spicy goodness with the one you love.

That’s Amor! (If you ask us)