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You Never Know Who You’ll Spot At FRIDA TACOS

12 Dec

Let’s be honest, it’s always fun to spot a famous face in L.A. Not that we want to bother them, it’s just great to have a “celebrity sighting” story to share with your friends.

And believe it or not, FRIDA TACOS has become quite a star haven in the past few months. Photographers from your favorite gossip mags definitely keep their lenses in our direction. Just this past week, Chris Brown was seen strolling the FT Melrose neighborhood. And before that, paparazzi cams caught A-Listers like Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon near our place at the Country Mart!

The point is, stargazing is a great Added Bonus for anyone who loves munching down on our yummy FRIDA TACOS. Not only do you get to enjoy a tasty meal, you may leave with a fun story to post on your Facebook page.

And, for the record, we can actually guarantee a certain famous figure will be hanging at our Brentwood location this coming Saturday. No spoilers here…Let’s just say he’s got a red wardrobe and a big, fluffy white beard.

Drop on by and don’t forget your autograph book!