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Holiday Catering from FRIDA TACOS!

28 Nov

Yes it’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is “officially” here. And you know what that means…crowded shopping malls, giant reindeer on your neighbor’s lawn, and those warm and fuzzy end-of-the-year parties.

Keeping all that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to remind you about FRIDA TACOS secret specialty. Oh yea, we’re talking about fiesta catering! Did you know that FRIDA CATERING is an entire entity unto itself? We can cover a massive company party, a simple birthday bash, and everything in between. And as the December days draw closer, we can DEFINITELY make sure your halls are decked with the aroma of Mexican cuisine!

FRIDA CATERING can do everything from a self-serve buffet, to a yummy outdoor taco bar, to bringing an entire kitchen staff to your designated location! We can even coordinate a delivery service if you’d prefer to have your own peeps handle setting up the meals.

Just imagine it…while everyone else is sipping egg nog and munching on stale gingerbread cookies, you and your friends could be indulging in hot chicken tacos, asada tortas, and a delicious array of FRIDA TACOS salsas and guacamole! Trust us, even Santa Claus himself will be craving our horchata and churros before he climbs back up that chimney pipe.

So, as you plan that next big holiday fiesta, plan on including FRIDA TACOS’ top notch catering team!

Happy Holidays!


Thanks For The YELP Love!

7 Nov

Is it time for FRIDA TACOS to put one of those big fat YELP APPROVED stickers in the window? We think so. Especially because of all of the great feedback we’ve been getting from our local chowhounds.

And here’s the interesting thing, we ACTUALLY READ all of the YELP reviews that get posted. And you know what? We take notes too. The same goes for our Facebook and Twitter pages. We love hearing responses from you guys…whether they are good, bad, or ugly!

Want us to broadcast sports games at our Melrose location? You got it.

Eager for some FRIDA TACOS Groupon or Living Social promotions? No problemo.

Heck, we’ll even change up our menu if it makes you guys happy. We love the FRIDA TACOS fanbase! In fact, here are some great quotes a few FT YELPERS recently posted online…

Word of advice: there was no way to eat the torta without a fork so if you end up ordering it and taking it to go, be sure to grab a fork! – Janette M.

The people who work there are super nice. – Jamie R.

The food was delicious and they have fountain dispensed horchata – Dominique M.

And we also love the activity we’ve been getting on FOURSQUARE (Congrats to Brian J. on being our Melrose Mayor!).

So keep the messages coming and we’ll be sure to respond. You can even send out 2:58am Tweets while eating from your FRIDA TACOS Saturday to-go bag, we’ll be sure to respond. 😉