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FRIDA TACOS’ Fashion Night Out!

12 Sep

Yes we know we talk about food a lot on this blog, but (in case you haven’t noticed) FRIDA TACOS is also heavily influenced by art and fashion. Just look at the paintings on our Melrose wall and you’ll see what we mean. There’s Maria Felix imagery, a smiling Pedro Infante, and some very stylish luchadores masks.

That’s why we were more than happy to accommodate this week’s Fashion’s Night Out. A resounding success across all of So Cal, it brought out big stars, runway models, and tons of trendy fashionistas hungry for TACOS!

Over at our Melrose location, the streets were packed with shoe fanatics looking to get autographs from Canadian designer Jerome Rousseau. And because we love celebrating local events, we made sure to “doll up” our Nachos and Enchiladas plates with plenty of stylish colors (look at this picture and see what we mean).

On the Brentwood side of things, FNO caused quite a commotion because designer Heidi Merrick happened to make an appearance at the Country Mart! San Vicente was literally packed with well-dressed people sipping FRIDA horchatas and admiring UK fashion exhibits.

Of course, as you know, the beauty of FRIDA TACOS is its very casual ambiance. We welcome you in a glammed up gown or in a regular t-shirt and jeans. Just come on in, grab a menu, and enjoy. But make sure you bring extra napkins if you’re ordering the salsa-heavy combo plate!