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Back To School Brentwood Tacos!

29 Aug

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day and the whole “Back To School” push is already here. We for one, had an incredible summer full of new menu items, sunny days, and (at our Melrose location) some wild Late Nights! But before all that winds down, we thought it would fun to invite all of our FRIDA Tacos fans to one more gorgeous meal at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Located right off that famous “jogging path” on San Vicente Blvd, the Country Mart is a great place to enjoy a weekend, a lunch break, or a day of playing hookey (wink, wink). Outside of FRIDA Tacos, there’s the classic Mart Barber Shop, the very unique Diesel Booktstore, and that family-friendly Petting Zoo every Sunday.

Yes, you can continue to enjoy all this stuff way into the Fall, but why wait? We’ve got one great three-day weekend of summer left and we’d love to see you work out your seasonal tan underneath the clear blue skies of FRIDA Tacos Brentwood!


The Beauty Of A Late Night Taco

29 Aug

Let’s be honest, Tacos are pretty darn good any hour of the day (we start serving them at 11 in the morning). But there’s something about juicy carne concoction after 1am that REALLY hits the spot. Whether you’re winding down a night of dancing, coming out of a late night movie, or just having a great Saturday night with friends, it never disappoints.

And for the record, some of FRIDA Tacos’ best work happens after midnight. Our staff is literally nocturnal and they love to see the smile on your face when you wolf down a tasty Pastor Torta underneath the full moon. And just to make sure we’re including the most extreme night owls, we’ve extended our Friday and Saturday hours to 3am!

That means you’re welcome to hang, enjoy the ambiance, and nurse off those tequila shots later than any last call we can think of. So all you graveyard shifters, party animals, and post-midnight snackers, this blog’s for YOU.

Come on down and enjoy our after-midnight menu. Your taste buds will surely thank you…


Finally A Taqueria You Don’t Have To Feel Guilty About

29 Aug

Nothing compares to a delicious plate of nachos or a juicy quesadilla made from a skilled taqueria chef. But more times than not, when you’re snacking on late night Mexican cuisine, you’re not always getting the best ingredients.

And let’s be honest, when it’s all over, you always have that slight feeling of “greasy food” regret right? Well, you’ll never have to worry about that problem at FRIDA Tacos! Our chefs don’t cut any corners when it comes to preparing your meal. The ingredients are always fresh, the spices are always homemade, and we’ve even got ice cold Horchatas on standby to wash it all down.

FRIDA Tacos is all about embracing the “authenticity” of a traditional taqueria (just without all the heavy grease that makes you feel like you have to hit the treadmill in the morning). Plus, we’ve got reasonable prices, late night hours, and a “pop fiesta” ambiance that’ll make your meal taste twice as good!

Thanks for your continued support and, by all means, stop by and dig in! Especially for the Enchiladas Suizas!